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  • “Our 12 year old Foundation works with 65 rural communities in Central America and during the initial years received funding from a single source family foundation. But due to the financial crisis of 2008, this funding streamed change and the Foundation moved to a diversified funding model. The board responsibility and fundraising evolution that came with that change was difficult. Chris worked closely with Riecken to create Fundraising Strategies and a formal Fundraising Plan that would work for our situation. All of this work and a board fundraising training were done within our limited means. Chris did a great job both with the board training and development plan and was a pleasure to with work throughout the entire process.”
    Bill Cartwright
    President and CEO
  • "Chris Grumm is on a life mission to help create a better world. Clients lucky enough to book her time get excellence in all the expected organizational development services. In addition they get a contagious optimism about the growth and increasing impact that an organizations and its people can imagine and build together. From short term problem solving to long term complex strategic moves, Chris is a consulting partner who can help an organization move confidently toward success."
    Stephanie Clohesy
  • "Chris Grumm is one of the best strategists I know. I’ve worked with Chris in many contexts and settings globally and she’s been bold, innovative and incisive in her facilitation and analysis. From leading a new brand identity and positioning for Women’s Funding Network to helping Women’s World Banking position itself strongly for new partnerships and, most recently, helping Global Fund for Women realize a new program framework in order to power new collaborations and resources. Chris also helped to conceive a deliver and highly engaging Invest in Women speaker series presented by Global Fund for Women at the Women Deliver conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2013 where over 4,000 people from around the globe convened. Beyond the roles of strategist and facilitator, Chris has been a magnetic speaker at events including the launch of a Women Mobilizing Millions initiative in Australia and an Australian Women Donors event focused on transformative giving with a gender lens. For any individual or institution wanting to take their work into new territory, or to invest it with new resonance and power, Chris is your partner in making it happen."
    Jane Sloane
    Vice President of Programs
  • "Chris Grumm has an incredibly versatile approach, able to add strategic value at all levels of operations- amongst staff teams, executives and Board members. Chris is both broad and deep in all she does, she energizes groups around vision and then breaks it all down into workable parts. Chris has been instrumental to the success of our organization and has provided ongoing strategic support to help us achieve ambitious growth. She has been and will continue to be of immeasurable value to us."
    Jessica Tomlin
    Executive Director
  • "I have worked with Chris Grumm for many years and have both experienced and watched her successful work with diverse boards and organizations.  She has an incisive and intuitive sense of how groups think and work together and is able,  through facilitation and leadership, to move a group toward decision making and action.  She has a deep and clear understanding of the social change process and is excellent at articulating the story for support for the necessary financial and human resources. Additionally she is an extremely motivational speaker."
    Barbara Dobkin
    Activist and Philanthropist
Reframing your story and message for the philanthropic market place, Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Coaching for Non-profit Boards and CEO/Executive Directors, Women and Girls, Social Change, Philanthropy, Messaging for Donors, Evaluation for Impact, Meeting Facilitation, Fundraising Training, Culture of Philanthropy, Cultivation and Stewarding of Donors, Donor's Retreats, Resource Mobilization, Motivational Speaker, Human Rights/Women's Rights, Program Development for Women's and Girls, Movement Building